Using Blog Posts to Make Video Content

Videos have become an extremely trendy way to get content to your audience. Your audience is more likely to tune in for a live video feed or to stop to watch a short video than they are to read a few paragraphs. There is so much information that gets relayed to us through our social media feeds that we’ve had to find more visual ways to reach our audiences. Video provides content for both your visual and audio learners to indulge in.

Coming up with content for your videos can seem like a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be. If you are blogging, then you have your content! You can break down a blog into a small video series of a few minutes a piece and you have content for the rest of the week.

Have you used videos in your marketing plan? How do you interact with brands that effectively use video marketing? How do you interact with those that don’t?

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