Meet The Contestants for Twidiot of the Year 2019

In our March Social Media Madness bracket, we are exploring Twidiots. A Twidiot is an person who has made a great example of making a foolish post on Twitter. Our contenstants for Twidiot of the Year 2019 are:

Number 1: This one makes us want to throw up a little in our mouths. Ok, maybe not a little, but a lot. There are some things that even spellcheck can’t fix.
Number 2: Oh honey… Perhaps making a contest for a new song release on social media isn’t the best idea. Especially if you fail to get the retweets. Think before you post.
Number 3: We are all for remembering those who have made a great impact on the world, but be sure you have the right photo!
Number 4: Another mistake that spellcheck can’t help. But, in her defense, time does heal all wounds and wombs.
Number 5: We have a couple of posts to highlight what we’ve dubbed #MuricaForTheWin. This would be one of those. Public education has failed us.
Number 6: Another #PublicEducationHasFailedUs post. I hate when another year rolls around and you have to honor birthdays yet again. It’s so annoying!
Number 7: This would be an excellent post to use in a #WhatNotToTweet episode. You know, credit cards, social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, mother’s maiden name, etc.
Number 8: This one leaves me smh… There are so many things – where do I start? Annovesry? Martin Luther king? Dying on the cross? #ICantEven (my spellcheck has gone crazy on this caption.)
Number 9: I would try the butter. #LookIMadeAPunny
Number 10: And now we have 45 presidents. #Mindblown
Number 11: I don’t either, I use Android.
Number 12: Some things you should ask Google, not Twitter.
Number 13: And it’s number 13 on our list. #Mindblown #WeDidntReallyPlanThat
Number 14: This is a prime example of why we have doors that say Push or Pull… #ISeePizzaWarningsInTheFuture #ConsultMacDonalds
Number 15: I always hated when my 90s phone required my voicemail code to start with a #.
Number 16: This is why people hate tourists!

Now that you are familiar with the contestants, be sure to visit our Facebook page to participate in the poll.

The bracket will be updated as each poll completes. Be sure to vote for your favorite Twidiot!


Author: Heather

Heather Galaska is an entrepreneur and a social media lover! After several years of successfully marketing an online jewelry business through social media, she began using her expertise to help other small businesses with their online marketing. In 2012, she founded Social Media Maiden. Since then, she has gained a reputation as a local expert and speaker. Heather Galaska is a writer of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Her poetry has been featured in the International Library of Poetry’s collections, Tranquil Rains of Summer in 1998 and The Dawn of Inspiration in 1999. Her poetry also appears in the collection, Poetic Voices of America by the Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum in the fall of 1999. She also owns In the Heather, a handmade jewelry, and accessory company. Heather is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration after graduating in 2010 with her Associate’s of Arts degree from Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, Colorado. Continuing education is very important to Heather and she is always researching the latest updates in the social media industry. This information is a vital part of keeping her clients on the leading edge and competitive online.