5 Tips to Effectively Run Your Business Instagram Account

Marketing on various social media platforms and making content fresh and interesting for your followers can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you maintain your Instagram account.

Be Creative!

Creativity and capturing amazing photos is the name of the game on Instagram. They have some great filters that you can apply to give a different light to the photo. Show your customers what it is that you do in a way that is unique to you. Give them some “behind-the-scenes” photos that are unique only to your Instagram account. Let the photographer in you be creative!


Video marketing is HUGE right now! Many consumers want you to SHOW them what you do, not tell them. Boomerang is a great application you can use to create short video clips that play on a loop. It’s a fun way to give your audience a small snippet of video coverage and do it in a fun way.


If you’ve been following our blog, you know that we are fans of hashtags. Instagram users have embraced the way that a hashtag is meant to be used. You can implement this into your marketing. Does your business have their own unique hashtag set up? Why not? Write one! Then use a couple broad hashtags to reach a larger audience and a few local hashtags to reach an audience closer to where you do business. This will help you gain followers quicker and help bring more business through your doors.

Tag Your Employees and Other Businesses/People

Are you posting a photo that has a photo of an employee who has a personal Instagram account? You can tag them in the post (with permission, of course!). You can tag companies that you work with, products that you use in your products, etc. It can give the consumer a glimpse into what life looks like for your business.

Offer Exclusive Content

This is important for any social media network that you use to promote your business. One way you can do this is set specials up for specific networks. Offer a 10% discount on Instagram for example. Or you can make your Instagram account solely behind-the-scenes and how we do things content. There are ways to make each network unique and give your followers choices on how they interact with you over various platforms.


Author: Heather

Heather Galaska is an entrepreneur and a social media lover! After several years of successfully marketing an online jewelry business through social media, she began using her expertise to help other small businesses with their online marketing. In 2012, she founded Social Media Maiden. Since then, she has gained a reputation as a local expert and speaker. Heather Galaska is a writer of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Her poetry has been featured in the International Library of Poetry’s collections, Tranquil Rains of Summer in 1998 and The Dawn of Inspiration in 1999. Her poetry also appears in the collection, Poetic Voices of America by the Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum in the fall of 1999. She also owns In the Heather, a handmade jewelry, and accessory company. Heather is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration after graduating in 2010 with her Associate’s of Arts degree from Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, Colorado. Continuing education is very important to Heather and she is always researching the latest updates in the social media industry. This information is a vital part of keeping her clients on the leading edge and competitive online.