3 Things Not to Do with Your 280 Twitter Characters

Recently, Twitter expanded its character limit from 140 to 280. There has been a lot of mixed reactions to this change with both sides citing both the pros and cons. Overall, I think users will find that it is a positive experience, but there are some things to watch out for!

  1. Don’t use the expansion to sell, sell, sell.
    Users are looking for an experience overall, and that is not going to change. Don’t use the extra 140 characters to promote your “buy me” products and services. Instead, use that extra space to educate, inspire and motivate your followers. Remember the goal of social media marketing is establishing a relationship with your followers. And now you have 140 extra characters to nurture that relationship.
  2. Don’t use the extra space entirely for hashtags.
    Yes, hashtags are a fantastic tool and we at SMM love them! But, there is a thing as too much and too many. #noone #wants #to #read #a #sentence #like #this #that #drags #on #and #on #and #on @socialmediaetiquette.

    You get the idea, strategically place your hashtags and tags and put some thought into them.

  3. Craft your message thoughtfully.
    This isn’t just a Twitter suggestion. This goes for all your social media. Think about the message you want to put out to your consumers. If you are sharing an educational blog or article, what is the main thing you want them to take away? Use that as your description and craft appropriate hashtags to reach a specific audience. All too often, social media becomes something you “have to do” and messages are put out haphazardly. Remember that EVERYTHING your company name is attached to reflects your business. Even something as simple as a Tweet can have a negative impact.

What are some of your Twitter pet peeves? What are some of the things that drive you crazy? Share your stories below!


Author: Heather

Heather Galaska is an entrepreneur and a social media lover! After several years of successfully marketing an online jewelry business through social media, she began using her expertise to help other small businesses with their online marketing. In 2012, she founded Social Media Maiden. Since then, she has gained a reputation as a local expert and speaker. Heather Galaska is a writer of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Her poetry has been featured in the International Library of Poetry’s collections, Tranquil Rains of Summer in 1998 and The Dawn of Inspiration in 1999. Her poetry also appears in the collection, Poetic Voices of America by the Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum in the fall of 1999. She also owns In the Heather, a handmade jewelry, and accessory company. Heather is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration after graduating in 2010 with her Associate’s of Arts degree from Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, Colorado. Continuing education is very important to Heather and she is always researching the latest updates in the social media industry. This information is a vital part of keeping her clients on the leading edge and competitive online.